Short-Term & Respite Stays

Respite Care
At Alderman Oaks we offer a variety of Respite Care Programs to accommodate
the transitional needs of residents, family members, and caregivers.

For residents, our Respite Care Program provides the needed services and
support in order to resume either your current lifestyle or move on to a new way
of life.

For caregivers, we recognize how demanding and difficult a job it is to
support a loved one, and that no one is equipped to do it alone.  Getting help
is often essential for your own health and well-being.

Our Respite Care Programs provide short-term breaks that relieve stress, restore
energy, and promote balance in the lives of all involved.

In that we provide both Independent and Assisted Living apartments, Respite
Care residents can easily move into one of those Lifestyle Choices, if the
circumstances permit.

We encourage you to look into the affordable costs and array of services for
our Respite Care Programs.

Other Options for Short-Term & Seasonal
We have furnished guest rooms to accommodate short-term stays for
family and friends of our residents as well as for non-resident purposes. 

Alderman Oaks is also a great place to land for out-of-town patients, family,
or friends going through medical evaluations and/or procedures.

Be sure to inquire about our reasonable rates and flexible dining and
transportation plans.

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Veteran Benefits Seminar at
Alderman Oaks

Friday, December 19
2:00 PM to 3:30 PM


Come and learn from
our Guest Speaker
Terry Acton (USAF Ret), Veteran Services Officer for Sarasota County.  


During the program,
Terry will share how County Veteran Services provides assistance to veterans and their families with filing claims for veterans.

Seminar topics include: 
  - Compensation for Service Related Disabilities
- Medical Benefits
- Survivor Benefits
- Pension for Wartime Veterans with Non-
Service Related Disabilities
- Death Benefits

Glen Herman
Sarasota National Cemetery

Also learn about benefits related to the Sarasota National Cemetery and Patriot Plaza



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Susie and Me Days
Joy In the Shadow
of Dementia


View a Video Extract
from a Heart-Warming,

Life-Application Seminar Presented by Author & Caregiver Susan Garbett
at Alderman Oaks



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Downtown Sarasota
City Guide

We are in the Heart
of Downtown

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Hearing Loss Assoc.  of  America
Sarasota Chapter 

Alderman Oaks
was the first 
community in Sarasota 
to install 
  Hearing Loop Systems.  
conference room is equipped
  with these
systems that 
utilize T-coil


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