Beverly Kuzman,
Author of Maxi's Story

Published by Peppertree Press

Bev is currently conducting
interviews with Alderman
Oaks Residents concerning
their life stories. Look for
excerpts in the near future.

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A Preview of “Tales from Alderman Oaks

Dolores B.     “And Saturday was bath day….”

For the German immigrants, a big galvanized tub was the bathtub of the day. Filled only once, the
last bather faced cold water with a grey film of dirt, but no one complained. Saturday night baths
were a luxury.

Gene S.     “No one could be well dressed without one!”

…And just what was Gene talking about?

Bill K.     “Hi Ho Silver!”

A five year old believes in super heroes, but no comic book hero came to Bill’s rescue when a huge
dog attacked him.

Margaret E.     “The one room school…”

One teacher, all eight grades, and lunch under the old willow tree---a slice of Americana.

Mary Jane B.     “The multi-colored doors of Dublin…”

Mary Jane explains the reason for the rainbow-hued doors on the Irish row houses and it is not what
you would expect!

Olive S.     “I belong where I am needed...”

As a member of the Foreign Service, Olive served in many countries all over the world. She tells of
her philosophy on life.

Al & Madeleine L     .“The birthday party she would never forget…”

She made her way between the carefully arranged rows of tables, celebrating her 39th birthday –
Madeleine and Al were guests at Queen Elizabeth’s party!

Ruth W.     “One person can make a difference.”

Ruth’s granddaughter, the daughter of missionary parents in Tanzania, was able to arrange food three
times a week for 500 people…one person can make a difference.


Veteran Benefits Seminar at
Alderman Oaks

Friday, December 19
2:00 PM to 3:30 PM


Come and learn from
our Guest Speaker
Terry Acton (USAF Ret), Veteran Services Officer for Sarasota County.  


During the program,
Terry will share how County Veteran Services provides assistance to veterans and their families with filing claims for veterans.

Seminar topics include: 
  - Compensation for Service Related Disabilities
- Medical Benefits
- Survivor Benefits
- Pension for Wartime Veterans with Non-
Service Related Disabilities
- Death Benefits

Glen Herman
Sarasota National Cemetery

Also learn about benefits related to the Sarasota National Cemetery and Patriot Plaza



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Susie and Me Days
Joy In the Shadow
of Dementia


View a Video Extract
from a Heart-Warming,

Life-Application Seminar Presented by Author & Caregiver Susan Garbett
at Alderman Oaks



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Hearing Loss Assoc.  of  America
Sarasota Chapter 

Alderman Oaks
was the first 
community in Sarasota 
to install 
  Hearing Loop Systems.  
conference room is equipped
  with these
systems that 
utilize T-coil


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