More About Our Mission Statement 

Alderman Oaks is a senior rental retirement community committed to providing high quality, high value, and affordable housing and care.  At Alderman Oaks, we recognize and appreciate each person's God-given potential, individuality, and dignity.

Do we Succeed in our Mission, and How?

We will maintain high standards in our service and business practices so as to bring honor to our Creator.

For our residents we will:

  • Provide facilities, products, and services of high value
  • Treat each person with dignity and respect
  • Provide opportunities for personal growth

For our employees we will:

  • Treat each person with dignity and respect
  • Give each opportunity for employment, development, and advancement as abilities and opportunities develop
  • Provide competent management with clear understanding of responsibilities and expected attitudes
  • Treat each fairly providing fair compensation
  • Provide training opportunities so that each employee can improve his/her skills and meet the high expectations of Alderman Oaks

For our residents, employees, and owners we will maintain the center property including its physical plant and financial value with high standards.  We believe a well operated, financially successful community creates stability which is good for everyone involved and for the families represented.

Our mode of operation is to always try to do the right thing for our residents and our employees. We require and practice honestly and kindness in our interactions with both staff and residents. Our staff appreciates the confidence that we put in them and the high expectations that we have for them.

Do We Succeed in Our Mission, and How?

All retirement centers have lofty goals, but how they go about reaching their goals and do they reach their goals are the real questions. In the following paragraphs I will share some of the basic principles which help drive Alderman Oaks. We will also share some pertinent results, and we have current testimonies from residents and their families on our web site so that you can hear directly from them.

Local Ownership
The fact that our ownership is local and involved in everyday management of Alderman Oaks distinguishes us from most all of our competition. Decisions at Alderman Oaks are made with the consultation of our Resident Council and long-time employees. Decisions are made locally, quickly, with the interest of the resident community at heart. Because ownership has not changed since we opened, management is consistent. Because we haven't changed management, our policies and procedures are consistent. Staffing is steady with very little turnover. Residents and staff feel that they become like family.

Concerning our Residents
It has been our policy and practice to never put the welfare of Alderman Oaks (the business) above that of the residents. In the more than ten years of our existence we have never made a decision that was not meant to be for the benefit of our residents. At times we have had to balance individual resident needs and community needs, but our resident community has always been put before the company. We respect our residents and regularly remind our staff that we must always be vigilant to have a good attitude and a pleasant manner.

Concerning our Employees
It has been our plan from day one for management and owners to care for and seek the best for our staff. We then expect that our staff will then treat our residents with the same type of concern. We respect and encourage our staff. We try to pay better than normal wage. We try to be flexible so that staff can have the right priorities when it comes to family life. We encourage our staff to further their education and we try our best to be flexible enough with our scheduling so that staff can fit in their class time.

How are we Doing?
The outcome after ten years of operating with our philosophy as our guide-which has never changed-has been an extremely low turnover of staff and directors and a caring staff who are like family to our residents. This year seven of our employees and our administrator have celebrated ten years of employment at Alderman Oaks. Two thirds of our employees have now worked for us at least five years. Loyalty like this by employees and company is unheard of in this industry. Our chef has been with us since we opened. This in itself says all that needs to be said about our quality meals and cleanliness.

Over our 10+ years, not one of our residents has ever left us to go to another facility disgruntled or unhappy with our staff, food, or service. As a testimony to the quality of our assisted living, we have continually had the privilege to serve the parents of numerous local and out-of-town doctors.

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